Please note that The Brix has two wedding venues (with both brides named Hannah on this evening.) Our venue is the northern end named Industria - we can't wait to see you!

Hannah & Drake

July 3, 2021West Dundee, IL

The Wedding

Saturday, July 3, 2021
4:30 PM
Attire: Semi-Formal Attire
Ceremony and Reception
260 Washington St, Carpentersville, IL, 60110
Ceremony - 4:30 PM Cocktail Hour - 5:00 PM Seating - 5:45 PM Toasts & Dinner - 6:00 PM Reception Ends - 11:30 PM The wedding ceremony and reception will take place in the Industria, the northern end of the former Illinois Condensing Company building. The expansive building was constructed in the 1880s for the Illinois Condensing Company later renamed the Borden Condensed Milk Company. The event space of The BRIX was originally a living area for cows. The building was converted to other uses around 1920 and has had several owners since then. The exterior and interior fell into disrepair. The Borden Condensed Milk Company building was constructed using historic “Haeger Yellow Brick” which adds to its significance. The building was purchased by OTTO Engineering in 2014. OTTO has had extensive experience returning dilapidated historic buildings to their historic condition. An extensive renovation to the 32,000 sq. ft. building was completed to the exterior to bring the façade and interior brick to its original appearance. *Please note that The Brix has two wedding venues (with both brides named Hannah on this evening.) Our venue is the northern end named Industria.*
Our Story
Our Story

Drake and Hannah’s story began during their freshman year of college at Purdue. Living on opposite ends of the same dorm, it wasn’t long before they met. While it wasn’t love at first sight, they did develop a friendship that would (spoiler alert) grow into more.

While Drake developed a crush early on in the fall, Hannah took a bit longer to come around. One fateful evening, Drake showed up to a group dinner with a fresh haircut and a brand new peacoat. Hannah didn't realize she could have such a strong reaction to outerwear, which turned the tables on her relationship with her friend, Drake.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, Hannah and Drake both confessed interest in the other to their friends. Then, on a spring break trip to Florida, they didn't waste any time in admitting their feelings to each other. After a summer apart, Hannah and Drake officially became a couple in September 2013.

Cut to 7 years later, the two have traveled the world, graduated from college, moved to Chicago together, and grown their family by four paws with their pup Dudley.

Drake and Hannah can't wait to officially begin their lives as husband and wife this July!

The Engagement

In April 2019, Drake and Hannah had planned a quick getaway to London. They spent the first few days eating through Borough Market, having rooftop drinks, and exploring Soho. On the fourth day of their trip, April 22nd, something different was in the air. Drake and Hannah planned to take a leisurely walk to a small tea shop where they had a reservation for afternoon tea (which Hannah had always wanted to do). The walk quickly took them to Hyde Park, where they stopped for coffees and an acai bowl. After a lovely breakfast, they continued their walk through Hyde Park and even had a stranger take a photo of them in a spot they had taken a picture together years prior.

Days earlier, Drake mentioned that his sister, Sierra, told him about a "cool park filled with tulips and a giant chess board." Neither Hannah or Drake know a thing about chess, but Hannah agreed to make the trip before the tea appointment to appease Drake and see the tulips.

They entered the park and Hannah declared that she was thirsty, suggesting they go to a nearby cafe for a bottle of water. Drake said no. Hannah was not used to him denying her hydration. As they began to pass the cafe, Drake pointed in the opposite direction saying something about there being an entrance to the cafe "over there." This didn't make any sense, but Hannah knew Drake had his quirks so she decided to continue on for a bit.

They bypassed the chess board that Drake had used as a selling point for the park and veered directly towards a beautiful tulip-filled garden. Hannah powered forward and before Drake could catch up, he passed an "X" that was placed as his cue. Once he caught up (luckily just past the mark), he looked Hannah in the eye and turned her shoulders to a different angle. That was the moment when Hannah went bug-eyed and realized what was happening. Hannah alternated between grabbing her own face and grabbing Drake's face repeating "oh my gosh" as Drake got down on one knee.

To this day, they aren't quite sure if Drake even asked Hannah to marry him because they were both freaking out.

After the big moment, Drake pointed out that the woman Hannah noticed earlier suspiciously taking photos angled at her was Sierra. Drake had recruited his sister to capture the special moment months before. Minutes later, Drake's parents appeared. Happy tears all around, Drake and Hannah were going to spend the rest of their lives together.

Wedding Party

Lexie Gergis - Maid of Honor

Lexie is Hannah & Drake's best friend from college. She broke their hearts two years ago when she moved to Dallas, but thankfully she just moved back to the Windy City.

Kari Gibson - Bridesmaid

Kari is Hannah's best friend from high school. The pair met when Hannah crashed Kari's Christmas party during sophomore year. Kari is a newly sworn in attorney & is close to going viral on Tik Tok.

Sierra Chmela - Bridesmaid

Sierra is the sister of the groom. She's currently serving as an AmeriCorps Member & has a wide variety of hobbies that include everything from sailing to cross stitch.

Shannon Connors - Bridesmaid

Shannon is Hannah's friend from college. She is a newly sworn in attorney who is famous for inventing "Prank Month".

Maxi Fahrbach - Bridesmaid

Maxi is Hannah's German friend & lifelong pen pal. They met when Maxi was a foreign exchange student at Hannah's high school & have since made the trip across to pond to visit each other many times.

Meghan Goe - Bridesmaid

Meghan is Hannah's friend from college. They bonded over a study abroad trip to Italy. Meghan is a baker extraordinaire, making sure to celebrate all food-related holidays (8/22 is National Waffle Day).

Harper & Beckett Peters - Flower Girls

These cuties are Hannah's cousin Megan's little girls. Harper will be 6 years old while her little sister Beckett will be 4.

Dom Dawson - Best Man

Dom is Drake & Hannah's best friend from college. When he's not bringing home the bacon (literally, he works at a bacon factory), he & Drake are busy planning elaborate camping trips.

Gabe DiFecchio - Groomsman

Gabe is Drake's childhood friend. Like a scene from Brink, Gabe rolled into our lives circa 2007, when he did a backflip off the neighborhood swing set & into our hearts.

Bobby Mladenovic - Groomsman

Bobby is Drake's childhood friend. They have been friends for over 10 years now & Drake still can't spell Bobby's last name.

Andrew Piester - Groomsman

Andrew is the little brother of the bride. His dog Patty is actually the sister of Drake & Hannahs's pup Dudley. He can sous vide the heck out of a creme brulee.

Tyler Epstein - Groomsman

Tyler is Drake's childhood friend. In a surprise twist, he became the first of Drake's friends to become a dad.

Kevin Eickeland - Groomsman

Kevin is Drake's childhood friend. He's single & ready to mingle, but mind those weak knees on the dance floor, ladies.